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Honestly, I have not been doing regular blogging on my personal site although I am so passionate about writing. I can’t control my urge to blame my challenging work life which takes up most of my time. Then there is this craving to learn more about Master Data Management (MDM) and all the fun things which surround it. I spend time reading a lot of stuff, do all sort of things geeks love to do on their computer whether it’s useful or for mere fun of it.

Having said that, I have been thinking of starting a new blog site where I can share my views on the technology I work. This blog page I have setup this week is my first step towards that goal. The primary focus area of this blog will be MDM. However, I will also share my views and opinions about Data Governance and Data Quality aspects which are foundation stones of any MDM initiative.

One aspect of implementing MDM solutions across different geographies is that it serves your appetite for challenges. And the other – acquiring knowledge of different approaches customers take to achieve the common goal which is “Providing Single View of Truth”. I hope I will be able to share my experiences via this channel effectively.

To start of, I am sharing 2 links of my recent articles in IBM Software training site. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing.

IBM Infosphere for Data Quality and Master Data Management

Role of Data Governance in MDM Implementation

I will see you all around again with a new blog soon.